Whitewater rafting near Aspen

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These are the real deal. Nature’s best thrill rides. The gut-puckering, hair-raising, knee-knocking tests of mettle that you’ll brag about around dinner tables for the rest of your life. You’ll get splashed, and you’ll have to paddle hard, but you’ll have the time of your life on these legendary class IV-V runs down the Roaring Fork and Arkansas rivers.

Slaughterhouse, starting minutes from downtown Aspen, takes its name from the fearsome, six-foot-high Slaughterhouse Falls that highlight this run’s serious rapids. Numbers on the Arkansas offers up nine miles of nearly continuous whitewater and rapids 1-8, which earned their numbers by being deemed non-navigable by miners in the 1800s. For the ultimate whitewater adventure, sign up for the Pine Creek and Numbers Full Day, which pairs an afternoon trip down the Numbers with a morning run of the infamous Pine Creek section of the Arkansas River, one of the most difficult stretches of whitewater in Colorado.

If you’re an experienced rafter or a physically fit first-timer ready to dig in and help navigate the intimidating drops and holes on these runs, you can’t get much more exciting and bragging-rights-worthy than this. Give us a call to arrange a trip when you decide to see what you’re really made of.

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Location : Aspen/Snowmass

Trip Length : 8 Miles

Level of Difficulty : Wild

Adult Price : $109.00

Child Price : $99.00

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