Aspen Instructional SUP Tour

Trip Details

Calm lazy river (Class I)

Mild 1/2 day

Runs June to August, minimum of 4 people

Minimum age is 10

Location: Aspen/Snowmass

Meeting times: 10:00 am | 1:00 pm

Includes: All the necessary gear, a guide, and transportation

Price: $140 Adult

If you wish to book within 48 hours of your trip time, please call our shop at (970) 920-3511 . We would be happy to book for you!

This guided instructional tour on the Roaring Fork River is the perfect way to test out paddle boarding for the first time. Running through the spectacular North Star Nature Preserve, just a mile east of Aspen.  This slow-moving stretch of river meanders past wetlands and grasslands at the foot of Aspen Mountain, giving paddlers plenty of time to soak in the big views. Bring a bathing suit and a quick-dry top to take a dip in the refreshing water, or take a seat on your board, meditate, and become one with nature. Either way, this tranquil float will leave you cleansed, calm, and eager to do more paddling.

The trip includes a paddle board and all the necessary gear, a guide, and transportation. As a beginner, be warned that you might take a splash in the refreshing water, so come prepared with a bathing suit and active wear!

Any trip can be made private and customized for your group.

Or Call Us at (970) 920-3511

What’s Included
Trip includes paddle board, paddle, PFD (Personal Floatation Device), dry bag, transportation and guide.

What to Wear Paddle Boarding
We suggest wearing quick drying clothing such as non-cotton shorts and t-shirt or bathing suit. Be sure to bring waterproof sunscreen (you will be Paddle Boarding at 9,000 feet where the sun is intense!) and sunglasses with a retaining device. 

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