Spring snow in Aspen

Spring in Aspen

The months of April and May are prime Spring in Aspen and produce periods of extreme weather changes in the high country leading locals and visitors alike to take part in many different activities. Some people leave town in search of warmer climates. Some tune their skis with warm weather wax in order to continue their passion for skiing. Some will even tune their bikes and take a trip to the dessert to prepare for the warmer summer months. Wherever your heart lies, there are plenty of fun and different events and activities to take part in. Below are a few highlights to get your ideas rolling through the season change.

tess-weaver, Aspen in SpringSkiing – The calendar reads May, and skiing in Spring in Aspen is popular. Just because a handful of ski resorts are closing across the state, does not mean this sport is over for the season. The mountains in the Rockies usually hold snow well into July allowing those keen enough to continue sliding on frozen rain into the summer months. Resorts such as Loveland and Arapahoe Basin, a few hours drive from Aspen, tend to remain open until June. Furthermore, Aspen Highlands decided that their originally scheduled closing date of April 9th was a little too soon. Highlands decided to run their lifts during the weekends ending their season on May 1st! Needless to say, skiing is still going off, not to mention all of the backcountry skiing available in the valley. 

Take Advantage of Off Season Deals and Discounts – Aspen can be pricey during peak periods, but with some tact and planning, visitors can really save a few dollars staying in downtown hotels and eating out during the shoulder seasons. Hotels are currently running specials simply to fill their rooms and restaurants are almost giving food away. With the amount of amazing restaurants in town, it really is a joy to head out on the town and save money at the same time.

snowpack, Spring in AspenRafting – Sure, the water might be chilly during Spring in Aspen, but, getting on the water before June is always exciting. The weather becomes more manageable in May, but the lakes are unfrozen and the rivers are filling rapidly with the snow runoff. Colorado has a snowpack currently at 102% compared to average and with late season snow showers in the forecast, the amount of snowpack will only increase. The graph to the left shows how this year compares to past years and is represented my the navy blue line. Though there was a lull in mid April, the snowpack has returned which should translate into another great rafting season for Aspen Whitewater Rafting.

Biking – The trails during Spring in Aspen tend to be a bit wet during the Spring runoff, but a short drive down Highway 82 accompanied by an elevation loss of 2,000 ft. opens the door to all sorts of possibilities. Carbondale, a mere 30 miles away offers a plethora of mountain biking trails to venture on while the seasons are changing. Head to Red Hill which has some great single track or the Boy Scout Loop in nearby Glenwood Springs. If you like road biking you will be thrilled to hear that the roads can clear as early as March, weather permitting.

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