Fractions on the Arkansas

Trip Details

Arkansas River Class III

8 Miles

Adventurous 1/2 day

May to August 15th, after August 15 please see Shoshone on the Colorado River.

Minimum age is 8 years

Location: Aspen/Snowmass/Twin Lakes

Meeting times: Aspen – 8am & Noon | Twin Lakes – 9am & 1pm

Includes: Lunch or snack

Adult Price: $112.00 Aspen/$102.00 Twin Lakes

Child Price: $102.00 Aspen/$92.00 Twin Lakes

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This half-day class III section offers a classic, action-packed Colorado whitewater rafting experience for long-time rafters and beginners alike. This scenic stretch of the Arkansas River is defined by continuous, technical Class III whitewater rafting that offers plenty of excitement for all abilities.

Under the backdrop of the 14,000 ft. Collegiate Peak range you will paddle through rapids like The Miracle Mile, Beaver Falls, and House Rock. Because of the technical nature of this section, a fair amount of paddling is required. Participants should be interested in taking an active role in helping move their raft gracefully through the complicated boulder mazes and rock gardens that define the Fractions section.

Experienced rafters and beginners are both welcome!

What’s Included
The raft trip, shuttle, splash gear, wetsuit, snacks and lunch (when specified). Photos are not included but can be purchased online immediately after the trip!

What to Wear Rafting
We suggest wearing quick drying clothing such as non-cotton shorts and t-shirt or bathing suit. Be sure to bring waterproof sunscreen (you will be rafting at 9,000 feet where the sun is intense!), sunglasses with a retaining device, and comfortable walking shoes. We will provide you with neoprene booties, so your shoes will not be going in the river. Bring a towel and a change of clothes for the ride home.

Our shuttles will act as your mobile locker room.  Everything that is not going on the water will stay on the van!  It will be manned at all times or locked throughout your voyage to ensure your stuff will be there upon your return.  

Fractions on the Arkansas River

We provide splash gear on all of our trips, and wetsuits and helmets when appropriate.

Fractions Trip Reviews

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