Here Are 8 Reasons to Go Rafting This Summer!

  1. Get Outside – While this might seem a vague and generic reason to go rafting, it cannot be overstated. Getting outdoors is good for the soul and the body; influx of Vitamin D from the sunshine, and freshwater to wipe away the grime of a Stay at Home Order. That’s the other thing about getting outdoors – we can do that now! Why not take advantage of a fun activity that gets you outside of your house after being stuck inside of it?
  2. Cooling – Colorado has, on average, 300 days of sunshine a year. And, while that is usually associated with blue bird skiing, the summertime is unbeatable. In the middle of the heat, get a little splashy and cool down while being active and having fun!
  3. Best Place – One of the three rivers that we run trips on is the Arkansas River, which is the MOST rafted river in the country; it is that The town of Aspen is known for its restaurants, hotels, and shops. But, the surrounding area is internationally renowned for its skiing, hikes, rafting, and fly-fishing. You’re already going to be here, check whitewater rafting off of the bucket list in a place that is known for its amazing outdoor activities.
  4. Choose Your Own Adventure – Not all rapids are the same; there are rollers, drops, wave trains, play holes. Rivers sections are not even the same day to day, as they are affected by rain, dam-release and snowmelt levels. They also vary in intensity so depending on what you are looking for you can choose a correlating trip! Relaxing floats to dropping down waterfalls, there is something for everyone. Be the architect of your own adventure.
  5. Group and Family-Friendly Activity – If you are looking for a family bonding activity or to hang out with your friends, rafting brings everyone together. Literally. You have to sit together. In the same boat (or boats, multiple of you have a big family or are cool with lots of friends). The inherent teamwork that it takes to navigate a raft of people down river through a series of rapids will bond you and your loved ones. It’s even great for our littler adventurers! Our class 2 rapids trip is ideal for kids as young as 6.
  6. Connect with Nature – Ever seen an osprey up in the wildlife? Do you want to? What about an elk or moose? Okay, so, no one really wants to get up close and personal with a moose. But. Being out on the river is a fantastic way to justify being in the moment, turning your cellphone off (or better yet, leaving it in the car), and fully connecting with the stunning environment we are lucky enough to be able to play in.
  7. Visually Stimulating – All that stuff I was saying about connecting with nature? Still true, compounded by the fact that we have gorgeous scenery. From Mount Sopris in the Roaring Fork Valley to the Collegiate Range over on the Arkansas, the landscape is constantly drawing your eye. Even the movement of the water itself, following lines through rapids and spying on fish will keep your attention piqued.
  8. Fun – Seems too simplistic to say, but it is. Rafting is fun.
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