Twin Lakes SUP Rentals

Trip Details

North Star Nature Preserve

Mild 1/2 day

Runs June to August, minimum of 4 people

Minimum age is

Location: Arkansas River (Twin Lakes)

Meeting times: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Includes: SUP, Paddle and Floatation device.

Price: $N/A

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If you are looking to book within 48 hours of your trip time, please call our shop. We would be happy to book for you.

Additional Information

What’s Included 
The raft trip, shuttle, splash gear, wetsuit, snacks and lunch (when specified). Photos are not included but can be purchased online immediately after the trip!

What to Wear Rafting
We suggest wearing quick drying clothing such as non-cotton shorts and t-shirt or bathing suit. Be sure to bring waterproof sunscreen (you will be rafting at 9,000 feet where the sun is intense!), sunglasses with a retaining device, and comfortable walking shoes. We will provide you with neoprene booties, so your shoes will not be going in the river. Bring a towel and a change of clothes for the ride home.

We provide splash gear on all of our trips, and wetsuits and helmets when appropriate.

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